Next Generation Managed Network Monitoring Service

Partnering with ControlPoint Monitor

Joining today means:

  • No Annual Commitment
  • No Licensing or Renewal Cost
  • No Partnership Fee
  • 24x7x365 Partner Support
  • Partner Training and Support for Bringing on New Users
  • Great Margins and Monthly Recurring

Take the next step and offer a fully managed network monitoring solution that will help your customers even more; a solution that will assure you're able to proactively respond to any software or hardware problems on your client networks. ControlPoint Monitor allows you to address delays, malfunctions and failures before users ever notice them and informs your IT team immediately via email, text message, or other means. ControlPoint Monitor gives you the peace of mind that your client networks are performing at their best.

ControlPoint Monitor is an innovative and comprehensive solution that gives you a competitive edge like no other monitoring solution. ControlPoint Monitor is built on enterprise technology; offering all of the reliability, scalability and power of an enterprise monitoring solution to the MSP and CSP supporting the small and medium business owner. Because ControlPoint Monitor is a managed solution, there's no need for licensing. ControlPoint Monitor is turn-key... Designed to reduce the time required to get a network monitoring system up and running, ensuring faster deployment.

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7 Benefits of becoming a ControlPoint Monitor Partner:

Increased Revenue and Profits:
ControlPoint Monitor has a great partner pricing model, allowing you to quickly grow your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). ControlPoint Monitor allows MSP’s and CSP’s to offer an enterprise tool to their SMB clients at a sensible price.

Fully Supported:
ControlPoint Monitor comes with 24-hour technical support services to ensure the best experience possible.

Ease of Deployment:
ControlPoint Monitor is a Hosted offering, allowing you to offer a turnkey network monitoring system to your customers that provides easy, failsafe, 24x7x365 monitoring for any SNMP device.

No Direct Sales:
ControlPoint is distributed only to channel partners, giving each channel partner the assurance that they will not be under-cut.

Respond Don’t React:
ControlPoint Monitor allows MSP’s and CSP’s to be proactive not reactive to their customer issues.

Build Customer Loyalty:
ControlPoint Monitor allows MSP’s and CSP’s to build loyalty and long lasting relationships by becoming monitoring experts within their customer environments.

Discover New Projects:
ControlPoint Monitor allows MSP’s and CSP’s to create up and cross selling opportunities by identifying weak hardware or security issues or failures in a client’s network; another problem you can help solve so be prepared for the next job.