Next Generation Managed Network Monitoring Service

Introducing ControlPoint Monitor

What is ControlPoint Monitor?

ControlPoint Monitor is a highly available network monitoring solution. ControlPoint Monitor comes with a failover cluster in every deployment, which insures monitoring will not be interrupted within your client environments...
ControlPoint Monitor is a comprehensive network monitoring solution that fits your budget.
ControlPoint Monitor offers comprehensive monitoring functionality and scales up to larger networks of some thousand devices and even more for the price of an entry level monitoring solution. It includes the entire monitoring functionality in every deployment. No add-ons are required – no extra costs, no extra configuration and no extra maintenance efforts.

ControlPoint Monitor is an easy to use monitoring solution for your client networks.
ControlPoint Monitor is installed and set-up within minutes and can be updated with new versions in only three clicks thanks to the automated software update. It comes with its own database, an integrated web server, a configuration 'Guru', and an automatic network discovery. ControlPoint Monitor is consequently optimized for easy usage.

ControlPoint Monitor enables you to monitor different sites from one central installation.
ControlPoint Monitor comes with 'remote probes' which can be easily installed on your clients distributed networks and then and then centrally monitored through a single GUI.

Why ControlPoint Monitor over the competitor?

Through ControlPoint Monitor integration with ConnectWise, you can import any monitored device directly into ConnectWise. ControlPoint Monitor's integration with ConnectWise means that tickets are created automatically when alerts are triggered. The tickets are automatically attached to the customer's company, and priority levels are assigned, telling the technicians what degree of response is required...
ControlPoint Monitor's on-call support staff identifies critical (highest priority) alerts that come in after hours and address them. Alerts that come in after hours which are not critical priority are deferred until the following morning when they can be assigned to an engineer for follow-up.

The installation of the ControlPoint Monitor software agent is simple and you don’t need hardware which requires waiting for it to arrive and either configuring the device and shipping it to a customer. There's no need for wasting valuable engineering time going on-site to implement.

The on-site engineer's time is almost always wasted because it is difficult to justify billing for up-front costs like these. ControlPoint Monitor helps to cut your costs and increase your efficiency by gathering device details using a software agent that can be deployed remotely. This allows you to accomplish the mission and save money.

ControlPoint Monitor is provided only to Channel Partners and not to the end user. This allows us to create a program where companies who express interest in network monitoring can be referred to a partner in their area. This gives your company additional exposure to customers who you may not have worked with and provides an inroads to additional customers and billable hours with zero additional effort on your part.

Why CPM over just building out a monitoring solution?

Almost every solution out there requires you to assemble a box of parts. These solutions represent themselves as having all the capabilities you need "out of the box", but what you don't see is how technical they are to actually implement...
Most solutions will require dedicated hardware for monitoring more than a few customers which adds a huge, unforeseen cost to anyone looking to build out a customer monitoring environment.

Many companies looking to implement a solution with anything more than simple ping monitoring devote hundreds or thousands of hours to making it work and may even dedicate an engineer specifically to seeing the process through. We’ve already done all of that so you don’t have to.

Licensing based on sensors, devices, or technologies can be a HUGE nightmare to manage. We bill based on the number of devices and probes to simplify things to the point that you don't have to create a complex algorithm to understand what you're paying for every month.

ControlPoint Monitor has a 24/7/365 support staff - available to assist with any critical issues you should encounter.

ControlPoint Monitor provides custom ConnectWise integration to allow the two products to integrate seamlessly so you don’t have to manually create tickets in ConnectWise for every issue that arises or create devices to document their important info.

Technical Data

Basic Features

  • Agentless monitoring of bandwidth, usage, activity, uptime, and SLA monitoring
  • Suitable for networks of all sizes
  • Automatic network discovery and sensor configuration (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • Monitoring of multiple networks/locations with one license
  • Failover cluster included with every deployment
  • HTTP-based API for interfacing with other applications
  • Customizing of the web interface using CSS, JavaScript and custom HTML code

Sensors and Protocols

  • Greater than 200+ sensor types (Ping, HTTP, WMI, SMTP, POP3, DNS,
      and many others)
  • Network traffic and behavior analysis using SNMP, NetFlow v5/v9,
      sFlow v5, jFlow v5, packet sniffing
  • Smart sensors (e.g. automatic cognition of multiprocessor systems)
  • Preconfigured device templates for Cisco routers, SQL servers, virtual systems, etc.
  • Dedicated hardware sensors for Dell, HP, NetApp, and APC devices
  • Sensors for monitoring virtualized environments (VMware, HyperV, Virtuozzo, XenServer,
      Amazon CloudWatch, etc.)
  • Three-click dialog to add sensors
  • Programmable triggers and custom sensors
  • Native and agentless Linux and Mac OS monitoring
  • New heuristic calculation detects correlations between sensors


  • Elegant, fast, and powerful web-based interface as single page application
  • Geo maps integration via MapQuest, CloudMade, Google, etc.
  • Customizable tree view display and individual libraries
  • Enterprise Console for viewing multiple CPM installations at a glance
  • iOS App, Android App, and Mobile Web GUI for flexible monitoring
  • Hierarchical view (probes, groups, devices, sensors, channels)
  • List of sensors (alphabetical, top-10 by speed, by tag, by type, etc.)
  • Appealing graphs showing the monitoring data of specified periods from hours up to years
  • Customizable 'CPM Maps' that bring together monitoring status, graphs, and tables, using personalized layouts

Alerting and Reporting

  • Alerts according to individually configured criteria
  • Various means of notification (email, SMS, pager message, HTTP
    request, exe, script, syslog, etc.)
  • Periodic and customizable reports (HTML, PDF)
  • Detailed log files about all activity and results

System Requirements and Data Storage

  • Data is stored in powerful monitoring data storage system
    (no SQL server required)
  • Small download, easy to install, automatic software update
  • Runs on Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8


  • ControlPoint Monitor is a managed network monitoring service, so there is no licensing required.
  • All features are included and there is no additional cost for platform upgrades.

The 'sunburst view' shows the status of the whole network on a single screen.

Fast and powerful, optimized for easy and intuitive use. This picture shows the device overview page including a graphic display of the most important sensors.

Using ControlPoint Monitor's built-in drag & drop maps editor the display of monitoring status, graphs, and tables becomes even more clear.

Selecting and adding of new sensors made easy.